Our Story. Behind the Brand.

 Camas Lilly Company has roots in sustainability. We introduced a new approach to the traditional ‘Getting Ready' robe. Our garments are designed to reduce textile waste while honoring your special day and every day.

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How We Started.

In 2016 our designer Sarah was approached to make custom “Getting Ready” robes for her first client Heron. Working within the deadstock textile industry and Heron’s vision for custom bridal party robes, they got to designing.

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In 2018 Camas Lilly Co. blossomed from a surprise feature in Green Wedding Shoes. Since then, we’ve expanded our home studio to partner with local manufacturers who support our slow fashion production models.



Our Sustainable Practices

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The Fashion Industry is the third most pollutive industry on our planet.  Emitting more carbon than international flights and marine shipping combined. Deciding to reject fast fashion and opt for sustainable alternatives does make a change.


We are committed to responsible infrastructure within all aspects of our brand. We use plastic-free packaging, produce all garments from Deadstock fabrics, and upcycle our cutting scraps from our slow fashion methods.


We believe that every effort counts. That’s why we don’t see waste-we see opportunity. Our cutting scraps are used to make hair scrunchies, headbands, scarves, and smaller scraps we use as stuffing for pet pillows.

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“We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

- Anne-Marie Bonneau



Our robes are for every body. We want everybody to feel confident and effortless while 'Getting Ready’; that's why our sizes range from XS-3X. We are working on expanding our sizes up to 6X. We invite you to message us in the meantime if you’re looking to customize your robe.

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Meet the Designer

 Sarah is the woman behind all things Camas Lilly Co. Since her youth, she’s held a passion for sustainability in the fashion space. As an avid thrifter and up-cycler, she was often found reconstructing vintage clothes in her bedroom and reselling them at 14.

Today she’s on a mission to eliminate textile waste and bring the community together by creating moments from “waste” that will be re-worn and cherished for years to come. Visioning a creative studio that will support families by providing living wages, health benefits, and paid time off.

When not working on CLC, you can find her basking in the sun under her lemon tree, petting her two pups Basil and Bones, or going on Horror movie date nights with her husband, Jay.

Designer Sarah working in studio space with fabric rolls