A Special CLC Babe

A Special CLC Babe

Think of 90s club kid meets disco goth vibes. Megan and I met over eight years ago while vending at a high-energy nighttime market in downtown LA.  We were booth neighbors selling our handcrafted goods. On my racks was a mix of vintage and up-cycled designs, and Megan had a beautiful display of rings and necklaces from her brand The Bea Line. 


 We have aligned values and instantly made a connection. Her jewelry has always showcased unusual gemstones. As she puts it, “…are a celebration of the cosmos, mother nature, and the human spirit “. She also aims to eliminate excess waste using a made-to-order model.


As life happens, we lost touch until recently. With our businesses pivoting more to the wedding market, we reconnected this last year.


 And then, she got married. 

bride in robe

With a mix of textures and colors to match the backdrop of Joshua Tree, she gifted each of her bridesmaids custom @camaslillyco robes to wear while getting ready, to be cherished for years to come. 

bridal partyy
bride in robe posing

This is a story of fellow creatives supporting each other. A story that if you keep working on your craft, you can make magic happen.


If you are looking for the ultimate Bridal ring set unlike any other, you need to check out the Bea Line.  I love how her styles perfectly balance modern structure with vintage elements. Here are a few of my favorite Bridal Sets:

Checkerboard Moonstone Bridal Set

bealine ring set

Diadem Bridal Set with Tourmalinted Quartz and Black Spinel

bridal ring

Hera in the Garden Bridal Set with Moss Agate, Diamonds and Alexandrite

bridal ring



Know a Bride-to-Be who loves supporting small sustainable brands? Please forward them to this blog post! 


 Wedding Photographer: @alfonsofloreswp 


The robes are all Sheryle style. Colors include ( left to right): Vintage Rose, Marigold, Matte Vendela, Autumn, Dahlia, and Oak Leaf.

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