Top 3 Easy Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Top 3 Easy Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

You've been asking yourself-

" How can I make my wedding eco-friendly?"

Fortunately, couples and vendors alike are taking notice of our impact on the earth and looking for ways to protect its resources. So many innovations are making eco-friendly alternatives more accessible than ever. You can make an impact by talking with your vendors about their practices, figuring out ways to donate or use biodegradable goods, and shopping locally. To help you plan a more sustainable wedding, we’ve rounded up three simple + sweet ways to make your wedding eco-friendly.


Sustainable Fashion Options

When it comes to wedding gowns, finding a designer that embraces sustainable fashion is ideal. Alternatively, you may choose a vintage wedding dress or find one at a secondhand store and give it a new life!


Here are a few Etsy shops we adore who curate secondhand and vintage bridal dresses:


Blossom Vintage Shop

back of vintage bridal dress sheer panel with large buttons

American Archive

1970s vintage bridal dress

Lilies and Remains

vintage bridal dress 1940s

Reuse and Donate

Regarding wedding decorations, consider reusing and repurposing items instead of buying new ones. Borrowing decor from friends or family members can save money and reduce waste. Additionally, consider donating your decorations to other couples or charitable organizations after your wedding. This way, you can extend the lifespan of these items and reduce the overall environmental impact.

woman painting a wood bench 

Check out OfferUp or a local Facebook bridal group as an accessible resource for 2nd hand wedding decor.

upcyle glass vases with flowers 

Sustainable Food and Drinks

Opt for locally sourced and organic food options for your wedding menu. Supporting local farmers and using organic ingredients can help reduce the carbon footprint associated with food production. Additionally, consider serving vegetarian or vegan meals to minimize environmental impact. For drinks, choose organic wines and locally brewed beers to support sustainable practices.

woman holding sign shop local 

 wedding snack table Inso


Incorporating these eco-friendly wedding ideas into your planning process can create a memorable and sustainable celebration. From working with sustainable florists and wedding gown designers to reusing and donating decorations, each step contributes to a more environmentally conscious event. By making conscious choices, you can show your commitment to a greener future while celebrating your love.


Cover Photo Credit: Leandra Creative Co.

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