How to Mix and Match Bridesmaids & Bridal Party Robes

How to Mix and Match Bridesmaids Robes

To create a chic wedding morning look, that feels coordinated without actually being coordinated, takes a little thought. Here’s how to pull it off and make sure your bridesmaids look & feel good in their robes.

bridal party wearing mixed matching robes
(photographer: Ashley Posthuma
Colors/Prints in photo: Moss, Sage,  Blue Lady, Autumn, Vendela, and Sunset Rose)

The days of matchy matchy bridesmaids are certainly long gone. In 2022 and beyond, your big day gang should be wearing outfits that have a style, and color that actually suits them. That flatters them. Not only will it make them feel good, but they’ll look better in the pictures too! And this extends to your wedding morning, because nowadays all the getting ready action is just as important as the ceremony itself. Which we are all for! This time should be celebrated, cherished and documented. And for all of you to look your best, you need robes your bridesmaids will actually want to wear long after the wedding day.

bridal party in custom robes
(photographer: Love and Wolves Co.
Colors and Prints: Oak Leaf, Autumn, Vendela and Sunset Rose)

The best way to achieve a bridesmaids look that flatters everyone, is to opt for mix and match robes. That way if one member of your bridal party prefers a longer length style, for example, they can be catered for. As long as the color of their robe fits in with the palette of the group. But don’t worry, we’ll get into how to pull off mix and match bridesmaids robes below. And make sure your bridal party is the right side of mismatched on your wedding morning!

How to Pull Off Mix and Match Bridesmaids Robes

Decide on a Coordinated Color Palette

women standing in bridal party robes

(photographer: Courtney Leigh

Robes left to right: Vintage Rose, Finesse, Magnolia (sold out) Peony, and Oak Leaf)

If your bridesmaids are not too choosy over the style, or length of their robes. Then you can create a mix and match look fairly effortlessly, by simply choosing a palette that matches your theme. Maybe you’re having a classic Spring wedding, then you could go for a selection of dusty pinks, blues and greens. Or are you planning a sophisticated, city soirée? Then you could put together a range of dark blues, black and gold, all in satin.

The distinction between the colors of each gown doesn’t have to be as definitive as the examples above, in fact, you could just have different shades of the same tone. All blending into each other. This ombre effect would actually create a more modern look, and feel less like you’re attempting to form a rainbow.

Mix and Match Fabrics & Prints with the Same Color

If the recurring color theme of your big day is red, then why not extend that tone to your bridesmaids robes. But there’s no need to simply pick the same style, in the same color, for all of your bridal party. Play around with textures, styles, and prints to create a cohesive, yet mismatched look.

bridal party in robes

(photographer: Lauren Cate

Robe Colors: Oak Leaf, Autumn and Magnolia (sold out))

You could even signify your maid of honor, or mom, by choosing certain styles for them with prints, but leaving the rest of the party in a block color. Or just let everyone choose which style they like best from a range you have preselected, all in the same color.

Keep One Detail the Same

If you’re opting for mix and match bridesmaids robes, an easy way to pull the whole look together is with one coherent feature. For instance, on our Heron robe, there is a statement fringe running along the bottom of the hem. By choosing a significant detail like this, it’s much easier for you to play around with colors, knowing that there’s an element pulling everything together.

bridal party in bridesmaid robes

(Photographer: We Romantics

Colors: Sage, Vintage Rose, Autumn, and Vendela)

One Print & One Palette of Colors

If there is one particular print you’re completely besotted by, but you can’t decide on a color, just find a palette that suits your theme. The one coherent pattern will help tie the look of your bridesmaids robes together, leaving you free to dress your gang in a range of tones that suit them best.

We hope we have inspired your search for the perfect bridesmaids robes, and maybe even swayed you towards the mix and match look! We would love to become an even bigger part of your big day, and actually dress you and your bridal party during the wedding morning.


bride popping champagne in robe

(photographer: A Sea of Love

Colors: Fern and Vendela)

At Camas Lily Co. we create ready-to-ship and made-to-order bridesmaids robes, dresses, and accessories crafted from quality, vintage fabric. Fabric that would have been thrown into a big hole in the ground. But is now being given a new lease of life as a garment to be loved long after the big day.

We invite you to browse our ready-to-ship robes collection, and maybe pick out some chic scrunchies for your bridal party. And if you would like something more custom, please feel free to get in touch with your request via our custom order form.

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